Blacks for Trump

A lot of you may have been wondering about the black man standing behind President Trump at the Arizona Racist Rally. He goes by the title Michael the Black Man. He has a site called This guy is three eggs short of a dozen. Somehow he has been convinced that Cherokees are the real racist. ” Cherokees are the real KKK Racist Slave Masters, not White Gentiles who are Black Peoples Republican Emancipators! “ His real name is Michael Symonette. He popped up a few years ago as the head of a cult based in Florida. He and several of his followers were charged with conspiracy to commit murder. He was found not guilty, as were his followers. Now how does a wannabe crime boss end up brown nosing his way into the breathing space of the Commander In Grief? There are musing that some of those brown noses are being secretly paid by the Trump gang. They want to show there is support from the black community. But I don’t get it. This black man couldn’t get pass the white house gate in an invisibility cloak. Surely the presidents security knows about his background. I bet they do. Symonette has been showing up at these rallies long before the Trump won. His message the same “Blacks for Trump”, only now he is asking for donations to re-elect the president in 2020. The display of a mentally challenged black man standing behind the president at a mostly white nationalist get together, hoping to curry favor with the black electorate, smacks of the lowest type of political chicanery. We all heard among other things,  ” By the way, they are trying to take away our history and our heritage. You see that.”. Who does this black man think “they” are? You are not one of them. You are just a prop. You are they. Now don’t get me wrong, I respect a persons right to choose what politics they follow or what they believe. But this is something different. They are using a mentally challenged black man to project an idea to the electorate that what they are doing is legitimate. They vetted this guy. A black man doesn’t get that close to the president without them knowing who he is. They also know the the media would get a hold of his story. This is some sinister shit. Anyway you look at it, its not good. Its not good for black people in general and black republicans in particular. Although I don’t espouse their politics, there are some pretty smart black republicans. What is the message they are conveying? Are they saying most black republican are messy but we need them? Are they trying to drive a wedge between black democrats and black republicans? I don’t know about you, but the whole thing makes me want to throw up in my mouth.



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