Carrie Deklyen Infant Dies.

Carrie Deklyen died last Saturday after succumbing to cancer. Carrie was a mother of six other children and refused treatment on the grounds that it would mean aborting the child she was carrying. Doctors had advised her if she went thru with the pregnancy it would cost her life. Carrie was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Sen McCain was recently diagnosed with the same cancer, a malignant tumor that affects the brain and spinal cord. Three days after delivering Life Lynn DeKlyen by  C section, Carrie passed away. Surrounded by family, her husband told his wife I will see you in heaven. The family has confirmed that the child Carrie had given birth to has died. The baby weighed just 1 pound, 4 ounces at birth and was in a neonatal intensive care unit. The child passed away eleven days later.


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