I”m Just Not Feeling It.

The description of the post reads “prepare to have your heart melt.” I wasn’t exactly feeling that way. I know children play and love animals but it is something wrong with this picture.  In have no doubt some people see a child playing with a baby goat. I guess there is nothing wrong with that. But what I see is a “unkempt black child acting like an animal.” I looked thru youtube videos to see if I was just being silly, but I could find no other similar video’s with white children playing in this way. When I saw it, it reminded me of something I read about Africans and Native Americans being put on display in “human zoos.” Yes I looked that up too and found this article. I not sure of the motives of the person who shot this video, nor would i try to. You be the judge. For me my heart did melt, and then it pour out through my soul.



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