Israel Destroys Classrooms In The Occupied West Bank

As reported by the Independent and other news outlets, the Israeli military dismantled and removed the classrooms the night before school begin in Jubbet adh-Dibh, part of the occupied West Bank.The school built in August,  were made to hold eighty students.The children are attending schools in tents with wooden chairs. Declared a military zone, security forces used stun grenades to keep residents away according to B’Tselem, a human right group. The tent serve as a makeshift classroom, but one class has to be held outside, since there is not enough room in the one tent. The six newly installed cabins were donated by the EU, so the school would be nearer the village. Israel says the school was built in violation of permits need for that type of structure.Critics of Israeli policy say that building permits for new Palestinian homes and infrastructure are almost impossible to get.


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