Its A Big Deal In Japan

If you take a picture with an cellphone in Japan, everyone in ear shot is going to know. Since 2000 all cellphones shipped to Japan cannot have a setting that disables the shutter sound. Although it is commonly believed it concerns privacy, it really has to do with voyeurism. Japan was the birthplace of the camera phone, first introduced in 1999.  It is also the birthplace of “upskirt” photography. Yep, the click, click was put into place to stop the perverts from taking pictures of women’s panties. Although it is not a law, it was taken up by all Japanese vendors. Not only can you not disable the shutter sound in Japan, but you cannot disable it in Korea also. According to the Japan Times  there has been a 24 percent rise in camera voyeurism since 2011. Of those arrested 64 percent had used cellphone cameras and most incidents occurred during train commutes. Of course like most things you have different views. From an article in “OIC” one can read,” Technology is always a double-edged sword. On one hand, it improves our life quality, on the other hand, it encourages violation of privacy issues. However, the society should keep moving forward, which means the evolution of technology is unavoidable. Although the built-in-camera cellphones indeed did create some disturbing side effects as soon as its rise, the solutions and prevention’s were generated by the interest groups voluntarily, to protect the society from being destroyed by the technology. Since we can’t stop the technology innovation, the real solution for the social problems should be education. The quality of human should be improved as well along with the technology. The real cause of the voyeurism is not the cellphones, but the human. It is interesting to think about the coming new technology – Google Glass – which is said to be able to enable the wearers to video someone they are looking at without that person knowing. Do you think it will be another privacy argument in Japan along with the introduction of the google glass?” Its too bad we don’t live in the world “OIC” is envisioning. Keeping the shutter sound is not a big deal and its better to be safe than sorry.


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