Really Kendu?

Mary J Blighe’s ex-husband is one of a kind. After being married to the superstar for 13 yrs, he told the judge, he needed $130,000 a month to live the lifestyle he has been accustomed to.  Here is a breakdown of the “man’s” request, “$1,000 for clothing, $3,200 for a personal trainer, $5,000 per month for child support, $5,000 per month for his parents, $7,000 in rent, $8,000 for a private chef, $21,677 for charities, $71,000 for mortgages on several properties, and cost for legal fees. He ended up with $30,000 a month. Now he is back at it. He went back to court, saying that he is entitled to $35,000 more per month because of the success of Mary’s new releases detailing or should the I say “dissing,” the former marriage. He said it is hard for him to get a job, because of the publicity surrounding the tracks. The judge however denied Kendu’s request, although keeping in place the $30,000 a month spousal support payment.



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