The Day Gonna Come Jamelle Hill.

“With Jamelle Hill at the mike, its no wonder ESPN ratings have tanked, in fact, tanked so badly, its the talk of the industry.” This is a tweet from our President one day after Jamelle was suspended for the second violation of ESPN social media guideline. ESPN issued the following statement, ” Jamelle Hill has been suspended for two weeks for a second violation of our social media guidelines. She previously acknowledged letting her colleagues and company down with an impulsive tweet. In the aftermath, all employees were reminded of how individual tweets may reflect negatively on ESPN and that such actions would have consequences. Hence this decision.” Hence the decision? The following is a transcript from ESPN’s “Editorial Guidelines for Standards and Practices, Political Advocacy.”

Political Advocacy

“We should avoid active involvement or membership in any cause that could compromise our ability to report and edit fairly. ESPN discourages public participation in matters of political advocacy or controversy among editorial employees, contributors and public facing talent. There should be no endorsed support of a candidate or political position by any individual on any platforms, or in any forum in which an editorial or public facing staff or contract employee is acting as a representative  of ESPN. Correspondents, producers,editors,writers, public facing talent and those involved in news assignments and coverage must avoid being publicly identified with various sides of political issues. Staff or contract employees who nonetheless involve themselves in political advocacy may be reassigned to avoid their handling of news., coverage or other topics related to that issue or other coverage that could be impacted by such advocacy. Common sense should be applied. For example, the limitations on political activity is not intended to preclude participation in a local school board election or appointment to a town council committee.”

Frankly the ACLU, not to mention the F.U.C.K  and the Y.O.U would be all over this stuff if they gave this policy as the reason for the suspension. This policy states if you work for ESPN, then you have to give up your rights as an American citizen to voice your opposition to any political policy you don’t agree with. They fought the Revolutionary War to prevent this infringement on American citizens. Donald Trump means to make an example out of the “sassy ass nigra” ESPN anchor and ESPN is buckling under the pressure. Jemelle has the right as a private citizen to voice her displeasure with any political scheme she doesn’t  believe in. She has the right to question the actions of her government and the President of The United States. Her first Amendment Rights  prohibits the making of any law respecting an establishment of religion, ensuring that there is no prohibition on the free exercise of religion, abridging the freedom of speech, infringing on the freedom of the press, interfering with the right to peaceably assemble, or prohibiting the petitioning for a governmental redress of grievances. ESPN is being coy with bringing up the document which supports her suspension only stating that it violates their “policy.” My question is what policy? Are you saying that an American citizen on her own time and personal media site can only say what you approve of, or are you saying only Black American citizens are subject to this policy. Would the same be true if Jamelle was pro Trump?  Would the same be true if Jamelle was white? Do you agree with her in private, while throwing her under the bus in public? Shame on you ESPN, shame on you!!  If you believe the reports, we got a real stand up guy in co-host Michael Smith. I believe them. He refused to go on without Hill. It was also reported that ESPN asked two other blacks anchors to fill in for them, but they too turned ESPN down. Last we heard ESPN was in crisis mode. We are all waiting to see what will happen Wednesday. You gotta know what this is about people. I said it on my About page. These media outlets are run by billionaires, the same people that have been sitting at the same table that Trump’s been sitting at. I’m going to say what we are all thinking, a line has been drawn in the sand, Jamelle and Mike may be out, I hope not, but barring legal action, we shouldn’t get our hopes up that ESPN is going to do the right thing. Seventy percent of the NFL is dominated by black players, who have been told do as I say or face the consequences. Another question that bothers us is, do we lose our millionaires or our faces on TV? Do we cave in because it just a job? No. It been a long time, a long time coming,  but I know the day gonna come, oh yes it will.



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