Three Young Black Activist Out Front

In 1890 the “separate but equal” doctrine became the law of the land, established by the Plessey v. Ferguson Supreme Court decision. The decision upheld the states right to racial segregation of public facilities. It wasn’t until 1954 that the doctrine was overturned by Brown v. Board of Education, which declared the doctrine as unconstitutional. Although ruled unconstitutional over sixty years,  Plessey v. Fergurson is in all practicality alive and well. We see it in the way our law enforcement interacts with different segments of society. We know that Sunday morning  is the most segregated time in our country. Our neighborhoods are newer reflections of the same neighborhoods that most of our fathers and mothers grew up in. Even the cars we buy and the food we eat are intrinsically entwined by the 1890 separate but equal doctrine. But slowly we are starting to realize that the vile decision is morphing into something else. A new generation was not seeing separate but equal. They were not seeing the decision that so many had been fighting, living and dying under, a decision long ago ruled unconstitutional. What they saw now was not separate but equal”, it was just “separate”. Young black activist from all over the country started rising up. In this article we will portray 3 rising stars.

Become A Threat Movement

Out of Miami comes a young, soft spoken, intellectual named J.A Hill, the face of the Become A Threat Movement. Justin has a degree in political science. The movements philosophy is simple, promote liberation, and social involvement in the community. The young activist wants to change the connotation of the word threat and equate it with empowering individuals to shape their own futures and help shape those around them to change the system for a positive result. A threat is an intention to inflict damage or some other hostile action in retribution. Bring damage to ignorance, become hostile to the notion you can’t change the system, demand retribution for those in need, make it known that your intention is to educate young minds. Radical? Absolutely. J.A Hill and Become A Threat are out front in Miami.

We The Protesters

Johnetta Elzie is the 25 yr old who was an oasis in a storm, providing food and water to the protesters of the Ferguson demonstration. The go to person for those coming from out of town  who wanted to get involved and need help. It was in this environment that this young activist created We The Protesters. The movement gives vital information to help people know about current events and planned actions. With more than 37,000 followers on Twitter, Johnetta is out front in St Louis.

Dream Defenders

Phillip Agnew, organizer and national voice on civil rights. Last summer Agnew camped outside Gov. Rick Scotts lobby in the Florida Capitol building. The protest lasted over a month as he and other activist called on the governor to repeal the states Stand Your Ground law. He was also part of a group of activist who met with President Obama to discuss police tactics and and pratctices across the country. Dream Defenders is organized by black and brown youth, who want to confront systematic inequality. Phillip Agnew and Dream Defenders are out front.








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