Wait For It.

The beautiful National Museum of African American History and Culture was authorized in 2003. The site selected in 2006 and it opened its doors 10 years later in September of 2016. Designed by Adjaye Associates, The Freelon Group, and Davis Brody Bond, the renown architects are known for their work worldwide. David Adjaye Associates have completed works such as the Museum of Contemporary Art in Denver, the Nobel Peace Centre in Oslo and the Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. David was the lead architect in designing the NMAAH. Philip Freelon specializes  in the areas of Museum/Cultural Center, Higher Education and Science/Technology facilities, while Davis Brody Bond are award winning designers, accumulating hundreds of awards, including Presidential Award for Design Excellence. I’m just baffled to understand why with such a extraordinary design team, why would they design a building that could not accommodate the huge crowds the experts were predicting. Don’t get me wrong, I am just as ecstatic as anyone else that we finally got a museum, but why doesn’t anybody else have to wait for months to get into other Smithsonian museums? Why is there a time limit on how long you can stay at the Black museum? The NMAAH has 32,000 artifacts and according to its site see’s about 8000 visitors a day. The most popular Smithsonian museum, the Air and Space Museum has 60,000 artifact and see’s around 7 million people a year. That’s roughly 500,000 people a month! Someone told me their ice is colder, I didn’t believe it. I’ve never been there. Everyone I have talked to say’s it one of the most beautiful and inspiring places you could see. I have downloaded the app, and if its indication of whats inside, I guess I will have wait until next year. Although there are open areas, critics point out the main chocking points are the areas which garner the greatest amount of visitation, like the history gallery with only one entry and exit with long corridors and narrow passages. No maps of the museum are on line and as reported by other sources there were none in the museum. There are huge open areas with no traffic flow ropes or cordons, essentially trapping you in an ever moving mass of aimlessness. The bourgeois really messed up this time. I would rather have a museum everyone could go to, anytime they wanted, rather than this magnificent hell hole.


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