Was The Las Vegas Shooting An Act Of Terrorism?

I looked up the definition of terrorism in Webster’s Dicitionary. I never seen anything so silly. If you Google the definition than Webster’s provides you with more than one answer.  Are they engaging in some type of political cover? I’m not sure. I do know if you look up the word n*igger, it’s only one meaning for that and if you look up cracker, well that’s a poor white person from down south. According to them,  if you are not from down the south then you can’t be a cracker, but any black person can be a n*gger. Both of these terms used by racists are obscene, but it just goes to show you the nuances and reach of institutionalized bigotry. For the purposes of this article and because I want to see the people that do these things burn in hell, I’m choosing the description that best suit my point of view.  Webster’s describes terrorism as “ the unlawfull use of threat or violence especially against the state or the public as a means of attack or coercion.” Good enough for me. The definition says “especially “, not exclusively! There seems to be a big debate as to if this was a terrorist attack.  It’s nothing but a terrorist attack. Every mass casualty shooting after the first one is a terrorist attack. It doesn’t, matter if the coward kills themselves or don’t, like the POS Dylan Roof or James Eagan. What they are trying to do or want to do is instill terror. They want us to feel terrorized for our family and ourselves as we go about our lives. We shouldn’t dilute the meaning in what they are trying to accomplish, whether it’s political or just plain evilness. It all the same, a bunch of us gets killed and injured, and the rest of us try to figure out if the perpetrator is trying to terrorize us. Really? If you don’t believe anything, believe that anyone shooting at you with an automatic weapon and they don’t kill you, then it’s a good chance that you are going to feel that you were terrorized by that person. It’s time for us as a nation and a people, demand that our government, which is the least they can do, because most of these psychopaths, politically motivated, and sexual deviants kill themselves before they face justice, is to admit they terrorized people and therefore they are terrorist. If they walk like a duck, and they quack like a duck, then nine times out of ten it’s a duck.




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