White Folks Instruction Book?

Order of The British Empire , recipient Sandra Kerr has cause quite a stir on Good Morning Britain. Kerr is the National Campaign Director for Business in the Community’s Race Equality campaign, a business-led network of organisations from the private and public sector committed to race equality as part of good business practice according to her biography on the Institute for Public Policy Research in the UK website. Appearing on Good Morning Britain, Kerr ignited a firestorm when asked about  her booklet instructing white people on how to talk to their ethnic minority colleagues. While some members of the show were sympathetic to the author, others were red hot, calling it ignorant and accusing it of walking back face-to-face conversations about race. The book which will go to some of Britain’s largest employers suggest things like, not asking women what they are wearing under their religious dress or saying things like, “Where do you really come from?” Listeners also joined in tweeting, “This booklet nonsense is deeply patronising to ALL ethnicities. It encourages segregation and will end up doing more harm than good.” and “I needed a booklet when I had a hampster when I was 10. I don’t need a booklet to communicate with other humans #GMB.”  One host said the book will lead to a way to “hide closet racists.” Kerr defended her booklet saying,”Our survey says that people are already afraid. I’m not creating the fear, it’s already there.” Sean, a black host and supporter of Kerr’s booklet said , ” I have had comments from colleagues in the past where he wished they had thought about what they said to him.” You can read the booklet here.


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