News and opinions about the things happening in our world is important to us. We want to understand how events affect ourselves and our families. There are myriads of news  and opinion sites. Some for profit, while others are not. But most have one thing in common, they all have an agenda. They present the news and opinions through a narrow lens, with only one objective in mind. They want to sway you to their way of thinking. These news and opinion sites cover the political spectrum of human endeavor and are often controlled directly or indirectly by multi-billion dollar media conglomerates. 

The Hill1News and World Blog, seeks to level the playing field. Reporting the news as it happens, without bias and accepting original editorial articles written by our readers. You can write about anything happening in your world. The editorial must be at least 300 words. While we will accept any article, it must adhere to our term of service which basically says you can’t submit someone else work without their permission, and you can’t submit copyrighted work including pictures without permission. Please indicate if the work is not yours and provide proof of permission if applicable.  We reserve the right to refuse any submissions for any other reasons not outlined in the terms of service. While we respect our First Amendment Rights,  Hill1News and World Blog will not accept any submissions containing racial, homophobic and religious slurs. we will not accept submissions inciting violence. If you have a point to make you can make it without these references. No article will be turned away for the content of its material if it adheres to the bounds previously stated.

Advertising on Hill1News and World Blog is absolutely free for businesses with 5 or fewer employees, pending available space. Advertisements must not be larger than 300px x 300px. Hill1News and World Blog reserves the right to resize any advertisement to fit available space.  Hill1News and World Blog also reserves the right for placements of advertisements on it site. Advertising for businesses with 5 or more employees will be charged a fee for placement of advertisements. Please contact admin@Hill1News for additional information.

You can submit your editorials through the Contact Us page. We will notify you if your submission has been accepted and the approximate date it will be published. Please be patient. As more editorials come in, it may take more time for review.

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