Quotes From our world.

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In Business, the art of Communication is essential. Most people aren’t psychic. –  RWB

God didn’t change Joel Osteen’s heart, Twitter did. – D.L Hughley on why Osteen opened his mega church to victims of Harvey

Those folks won’t put up with it like they do in Atlanta. I can guarantee you wont be met with torches, but something a lot more definite.” – State Rep. Jason Spencer   

Fox News in responding to low viewership in the UK. ” Fox News is focused on the US market and designed for the US market, and accordingly averages only a few thousand viewers a day across the UK. We have concluded that it is not in our commercial interest to continue providing Fox News In The UK.

 We only kill black people –  Cobb County Police Lt. Greg Abbott

“They will shelter in place as the storm passes just north of them,” – Pentagons response to evacuating Guantánamo Bay

“Shouldn’t be very worried.”  – Trump on DACA

It was not me, who liked inappropriate tweet – Sen Ted Cruz in response to soft porn video on his Twitter feed.

The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it – Robert Swan

Latinos for Republicians is like Roaches for Raid. – John Leguizamo

NFL owners afraid to take action against kneeling players – Donald Trump

Trump should not have the power to dictate who can knell during the anthem – Rush Limbaugh