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Truth Or Lie: Episode VII

In the last episode Rill Blak has been freed and is now in control of Fort Hannity. Madam Harris has bestowed the title of DOUS (“Django Of The United States”) on him and has directed […]


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Truth Or Lie: Episode VI

Rill glanced furtively at the mirror and noticed the small grey hairs hiding in his once full mane. It had been almost two years since what history would call the Trumpet Incident had taken place […]

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Face The Negro

Today is September 17th and you are watching “Face The Negro” with Daye Lyon. Welcome to this special broadcast from the paradise island of of Jolly. As you know from our last broadcast, I was […]

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Face The Negro

Today is July 23 and you are watching “Face The Negro” with Daye Lyon. Our guest is Annutta Azhol from the U.S Department Of Citizenship And Immigration. Thanks for coming on Mr. Azhol. Azhol: Thanks […]

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Isaiah Payton

The story of Isaiah Payton is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have come across this year. Isaiah, who is 12 years old and his friend Damean Spear, who is 15, were attending a […]



Joe Biden Ain’t My Friend

That’s right. Joe Biden is not a friend of any person of color in these United States. We think that just because he was the Vice President under the first black President, that its okay […]

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