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Black History Month

The Black Confederate Soldier

Beauregard: General I’m not able to fight in the war against the Northern aggressors because of my foot spurs… however my boy Othello will fight in my stead… General: We can’t give that nigra a […]


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All The Same?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if every one was the same color? I heard that.. Can we all get along? Anyway, think about it. What would happen if God only made […]

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Good To The Last Drop?

Today I have a story about the Maxwell House Hotel in downtown Nashville Tennessee.. well it used to be down there. It caught fire on Christmas day in 1961. The SunTrust Building was built on […]

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Trump Tape Played On Mall.

Well it seems like I missed Throwback Thursday… So I’m going to celebrate “That’s Fricked Up Friday!” The women’s right group UltraViolet set up a large video screen on the National Mall in Washington DC […]

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Give Us Five Years in Sing Sing

A woman in Texas was sentenced Wednesday to a five-year prison term for voting illegally in the 2016 presidential election while on supervised release for a tax fraud conviction. Crystal Mason, 43, testified in court that […]


Relisha Rudd

Relisha Tenau Rudd (Born October 29, 2005–disappeared March 1, 2014) is an 8-year old African-American girl who went missing in Washington, D.C. in February 2014, and has never been found. Reprint © Hill1News 2019 March 1, 2014 was the […]



Joe Biden Ain’t My Friend

That’s right. Joe Biden is not a friend of any person of color in these United States. We think that just because he was the Vice President under the first black President, that its okay […]

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