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The Woman From Banjo

The woman from B.A.N.J.O is at it again. Since she is probably feeling some kind of way about not receiving a stimulus check, she figured she would get her money on by trashing George Floyd. […]


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A Short History On Pickaninny.

Pickaninny is a racial slur. It refers to dark skin children of African decent. Caricatures often depict the children as having bulging eyes and large red lips. The word is called a pidgin, which mean […]

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Anna Marie Jarvis

With Mothers Day coming up, I thought we would share a story we wrote about the woman who started it. Her name was Anna Marie Jarvis. This is her story… You can thank Anna Marie […]

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Where’s Leroy?

Back in the summer of 1976, Lips Leroy was the man to go to when you wanted to get yo head tight. They called him Lips because you know that part you have between yo […]

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Isaiah Payton

The story of Isaiah Payton is one of the most heartbreaking stories I have come across this year. Isaiah, who is 12 years old and his friend Damean Spear, who is 15, were attending a […]



Joe Biden Ain’t My Friend

That’s right. Joe Biden is not a friend of any person of color in these United States. We think that just because he was the Vice President under the first black President, that its okay […]

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