Drop Awards

July Drop Award

(Karen Harrison pictured above) Not all recipients of the Drop Award are racist. As the acronym indicates Dumb Racist Or People, the award can be given to people who do stupid things. Likewise, just as […]

Interesting Reading

Face The Negro

Today is July 23 and you are watching “Face The Negro” with Daye Lyon. Our guest is Annutta Azhol from the U.S Department Of Citizenship And Immigration. Thanks for coming on Mr. Azhol. Azhol: Thanks […]


Dear White Man

As you can see, the title might be very provocative to some of my readers. Don’t know why, because in 2014, on a million dollar budget, Justin Simien put out a movie called “Dear White […]

Black History Month

Wayne B Williams

In The Beginning.. When I first started writing this news blog a couple of years ago, I wrote a story about Dr Henry Bello and Charles Lee Thornton. Bello (pictured left) was the doctor that […]

Black History Month

George Stinney

The youngest person to ever be put to death in the United States was a 14 year old black child named George Stinney. With every thing going on now and by that I mean the […]


Absolutely Insane

Insane is an interesting word. Webster’s dictionary defines it as, (1) : exhibiting a severely disordered state of mind or (2) : affected with mental illness. Now the “Unabridged That’s Right Hill1 News Hood dictionary,” defines […]