Face The Negro

Today is July 23 and you are watching “Face The Negro” with Daye Lyon. Our guest is Annutta Azhol from the U.S Department Of Citizenship And Immigration. Thanks for coming on Mr. Azhol.

Azhol: Thanks for having me Daye. That’s a lovely daishiki. Are you from this country? You speak very good English. If I had to guess, I say you from Africa.

Daye: WHAT?? Go to #@@&# Azhol.

Azhol: No need to get defensive Daye. By the way where did you get those shoes from? I am just asking for a friend.

(Producer asks Daye to put his shirt back on and put his hands down.)

Commerical Break

Thanks and welcome back to “Face The Negro.” I’m Daye Lyon. I want to apologize to you my audience for losing it, but Annutta Azhol crossed the line. Let’s get down to business.

Daye: Annutta, the Department of Homeland Security has been charged with treating immigrant children like animals by locking them up in cages and …

Azhol: Hold on for a minute Daye.. ( Azhol is looking at his cell phone.) Daye can you tell me what U.S hospital you were born in and the year of your birth?

(Security runs on stage and stands between Daye and Annutta Azhol. Daye looks up calmly and tells them he’s alright.)

Daye: Look Azhol, I was born in Washington DC at DC General. I’m 28 years old. Can we get pass this and continue with the interview?

Azhol: Of course Daye, just tell me where did you get those shoes?


This ad was released in 2013 by Pepsico for its soft drink, Mountain Dew. It was a continuation of another ad in which the goat attacked a waitress. The ad was pulled after a barrage of complaints which accused the company of promoting violent stereotypes of black men.

Still Arr: Welcome back to “Face The Negro.” I’m Still Arr. I’m afraid Daye had to leave to take care of some personal business. He will be back next week… hopefully…

(Someone back stage can be heard saying ” You not taking me nowhere!! I am an American!!… I am a !@@!#$$ American!!)

Still: We are talking to Mr. Azhol from the U.S Department Of Citizenship And Immigration and before we begin Mr. Azhol, I am curious to know why you have that extra pair of shoes with you?

Azhol: They belong to a friend of mine.

Still: Okay…

Still: Mr. Azhol, the recent round up of black and brown immigrants have led to accusations that this so called immigration crisis has been manufactured by this administration. Your critics say that while record numbers of black and brown immigrants are being deported, the estimated 500,000 white illegal immigrants are not being targeted. What do you have to say about that?

Azhol: I have a couple of things to say about that Still. Number 1, we don’t classify white immigrants as illegal. They are classified as undocumented and number 2, this building is being closed under section 107/2b sub section A, Title C, paragraph 1. of the Black and Brown Immigration Act of 2019, which states: If we say you are illegal then you are illegal.

Azhol: Furthermore, everyone in the audience will have to show a government ID and birth certificate or face immediate deportation to Africa.


Azhol: Anyone watching or disseminating this television show is also subject to immediate deportation under the UN- AMERICAN ACT OF 2019. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!

Azhol: Hey Mitch, I will be over later to return your property after I wrap this up.


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