Face The Negro

Today is Friday, March 15, 2019 and you are watching “Face The Negro,” with Daye Lyon. Today’s guest is Senate Majority Leader, Rich McCockroach.

Daye: Thanks for joining us Rich on Face The Negro.

Rich: My pleasure boy. Where did you get those shoe’s at? I had some just like those.. lost them in a break-in a couple weeks ago…

Daye: What?

Daye: Senator, lets get down to business. Senator, House and Senate Republicans recently pass a $1.5 trillon tax cut, which was suppose to put money back into the hands of middle class. However it seem that most of the tax breaks went to the 1% of the wealthiest Americans. What do you say to your detractors that call you a liar and a thief?

Rich: Boy, I sure like to know where you got them shoes from? Anyway, that tax cut did put money into law abiding honest christian American’s hands. By the way boy, I don’t like your tone. You better watch that sassy mouth. Back in the day… (senator mumbles to himself.)

Daye: (Clearing his throat..) Senator, the recent farm bill the President proposed required eligible American’s to receive a box of canned goods instead of Snap benefits. A recent report in the Atlantic quotes you as saying, “Life on food stamps is too good!” Many American’s were outraged. Samual Jackson called you a “racist a–hole.” You have not responded, but if he was here what would you say to him?

Rich: Boy, I am going to tell you right now, if that coon was here I would punch him right in the face. Where I come from we know how to handle negra’s like that. Those Kentucky woods are full of uppity “Uncle’s” that back talk to god fearing white American’s and you can bet yo fried chicken if that boy sass again, “THERE’S GONNA BE TROUBLE!!!!”

Daye: Senator, we did not know you was going to respond like that… We invited Samual…. (lights go out on stage.) (someone heard begging for their life)



Here at Freedom Mutual, if you get into an accident for the first time we don’t raise your rates.

Male Actor: You see, Freedom Mutual doesn’t hold a grudge.

Female Actor: (pulls out a knife) Nigg@ , you almost killed me!! ( scene changes to graveyard setting)

Freedom Mutual: We are here for you.. providing auto and life insurance.

End of Commerical

Daye: Welcome back to to Face The Negro. Today we are talking to Senate Majority Leader Rich McCockroach and Samuel Jackson.

Daye: Senator can we get you some more ice?

Rich: uh uh… (mumbles something..)

Daye: Mr. Jackson if we untie you, will you promise not to attack the Senator again?

Jackson: If I get out this chair, I’m gonna kill that motherfu**er!!

Daye: Well ladies and gentleman, thanks for watching Face The Negro. Im Daye Lyon. We will see you next week right here. Don’t forget to watch Truth Or Lie with Rill Blak, airing on this and other SBS stations.


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