Austin Shuffield

If you have seen the video but did not get the name, its Austin Shuffield. Shuffield was recently arrested because he violently and viciously attack a black woman. The authorities booked him on assault and […]

Interesting Reading

One Thousand Million

One thousand million is one billion, well at least in America. In Europe one million, millions is a billion. So there are no true “European” billionaires. They all use the American standard. So how do […]


Stay Out Of It Bruh..

 The 5th and 14th amendments to the U.S. Constitution guarantee “due process of law” to all persons, including foreign students and other aliens in the US. Due process of law requires that orderly legal procedures […]


I Noticed

Last Thursday in case you haven’t heard, a Catagory 2 storm hit parts of Mozambique. The recent estimated death toll was more than 800. As reported yesterday by CNN, ” As many as “300 to […]


Naomi Wadler

A year ago thousands of young adults descended on Washington DC. They came from all across the United States to tell the government that they were tired of being killed in classrooms. On this day […]


“You Lie” Obama

When President Obama was in office the far right was one of the most obstructionist congressional bodies known in modern political history. The former President’s policies were voted down time and time again, not because […]


The Heartless

As many of you know, I have wrote many articles about child abuse. I’m not going to lie, it comes before racism in my “rip their nasty little hearts out” list. This story did not […]