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Today is Wednesday, May 22, 2019 and you are watching “Face The Negro,” with Still Arr. Daye Lyon will be back on our next show. Today’s guest is Mins Wrights, Chairman and President of the global giant Pissonem. Thanks for coming in Mins. Do you mind if I call you Mins?

Mins: Not at all boy. By the way where did you get those shoes? A friend of mine had a break in a couple of months ago. Those shoes sure look like his.

Still: What?

Still: Mins lets get down to business. Pissonem recently backed legislation which would severely curtail minorities, women and immigrants civil and constitutional rights. As the leader of Pissonem and employer of millions, what can you tell our audience about your decision?

Mins: Boy… you do know that the Chief Of Police is a good friend of mine. Where did you get those shoes?

Still: Answer the question Wrights…

Mins: Now you watch that fresh mouth, fuh I have to come over dare and teach you some respect!! First of all Pissonem had backed that legislation way before I got here. My predecessor, Ray Cyst, and his boys got that nectar by the tree.

Still: For the sake of our viewing audience and those who might not of heard what you said.. you did say “nectar” right?

Mins: Yes, that’s what I said, are you hard of hearing boy?

Still: Okay lets move on. The “R” word, Reparations has been a leading topic lately. The country is divided on whether reparations are owed to the ancestors of the people kidnapped from Africa and forced to work for generations as slaves. Where does Pissonem stand on this hot subject?

Mins: Thats funny you would mention the “R” word. At first I thought you was talkin bout recidivism, cause I know a couple of nectars that go in and out, back and forth, to and from… Those nectars are something else…

Still: Go to commerical….

Welcome back to Face The Negro. I’m Still Arr and my guest is Mins Wrights of Pissonem.

Still: I hope you are comfortable Mins. I’m sure the swelling will go down soon… The President recently imposed another 200 billion in tariff’s on China. Leading economist say the American people will end up paying because the cost will be passed on to them. Do you agree with their assessment?

Still: I can’t understand you… will someone get Mins something he can spit that cotton into?

Mins: Back in the day Still…back in the day… (Mins mumbles something..)

Mins: Pissonem backs the President’s tariffs. We are not the only ones who see the President’s goal of making America Great. Companies like BadHombre, StayNtaKitchen, and Daedazz Nectars also back the President.

Still: I’m warning you Wrights…

Still: Any final words before we have to go Mins?

Mins: Yeah, you gonna be talking to my lawyer and I’m going to own every nectar and tree in this city.

Still: Go to commercial…

Still: This has been Face The Negro with Daye Lyon. I’m Still Arr. We will see you very soon right here. Don’t forget to watch all the episodes of Truth Or Lie with Rill Blak, airing on this and other SBS stations.


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