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Welcome to the “Truth Or Lie Show.” As you know, today is our championship game. My name is Rill Black and I am your moderator. {Applause} Thank you and now lets meet our contestants. First from Sundown Mississippi, we have Summ Racist... {No applause} and from Harvard Georgia, let’s welcome Blak Power. {Applause}. Gentlemen the rules are, I will ask a question and you will have two seconds to to decide if “Its The Truth Or Lie.” If you guess correctly, you will receive one point. The looser gets one lash administered by my co-host, Mr. Pil Skin. The first contestant to reach five points wins and gets an all expense paid trip to the beautiful ancestral land, Africa!! {applause} Well, lets play “Truth Or Lie!!” {Applause!!}

House Republican leaders removed Representative Steve King of Indiana from the Judiciary and Agriculture Committees as party officials scrambled to appear tough on racism and contain damage from comments Mr. King made to The New York Times questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive. Truth or Lie?

Mr Power: “That’s a lie. Mr Racist: “That’s the truth!”

Im’ sorry Summ, but that’s a lie. Although Steve King did make those remarks, he is from Iowa. Take that shirt off please. {Applause}

Next question… Summ, would you like some more time… Okay!!
Friday was a day meant to celebrate the Republican Party in the West Virginia Capitol. But a poster connecting a Muslim congresswoman to the 9/11 terrorist attacks led to heated emotions, caused the resignation of at least one staff member and left another reportedly injured when things got physical as the altercation spilled into the chamber of the West Virginia House of Delegates. The poster, at a table in the Capitol’s rotunda, featured an image of freshmen Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) underneath one of the New York’s twin towers burning. Truth or Lie?

Mr Power: “I agree, that’s the truth. Mr Racist: “That’s a porch monkey lie!! It was a poster of that negra, you know.. Osamma.”

I’m so sorry Summ, but that’s the truth. The body’s sergeant at arms submitted a letter of resignation at the end of the day after being accused of a making an anti-Muslim slur during the dispute, according to West Virginia Public Radio and other local outlets. A doorkeeper was reportedly injured during a dispute with a member over the doors to the chamber…. What do you mean you don’t want to play no more? Oh you gonna play!! Ladies and gentlemen, we have to break for our sponsors. We will be back after this message to play more of “Truth Or Lie!!” {Applause!!} hold him down…

{Applause!!} Thank you.. thank you.. and welcome back to Truth or Lie!! {Applause!!} So far it been an exciting two rounds!! Although Summ is behind Blak, its still anybody’s game to win!! Before we start the next round, let find out a little bit about our contestants. Mr. Power, I hear you have several degree’s and are working on your eighth? ” Yes Rill, I have a few degree’s in science and math. I am currently working on my degree in physics. {applause!!} Very nice!! Summ I hear you come from Sundown and have a insurance business there. Can you tell us about it? “Beep, beep, nig@r., beep last beep, beep I beep, beep do.” Looks like somebody’s chain is a little too tight. Well lets move on and play more of “Truth or Lie!” {Applause!!}

This is an important round for Summ. If Blak wins this round, the game is over and he will be our champion. The question… The district attorney will not prosecute the two police officers involved in the fatal shooting of Stephon Clark, the unarmed 22-year-old who was killed in his grandmother’s backyard nearly a year ago. The Sacramento Police Department stated that they would release the names of the officers who shot Clark within 10 days of the event. However the Sacramento Police Department did not confirm the validity of the names citing fears for the officers’ safety. “Truth Or Lie?”

Mr Power: “Its a shame, but that’s the truth.” Mr Racist: Look man, I got two black friends.

I’m sorry Summ.. her decision was based on the officers’ “spontaneous statements,” which included commands for Clark to show his hands and asking one another if they were hit by gunfire after firing their weapons.
Clark was unarmed and holding a cell phone at the time of his death. I’m sorry Summ, it doesn’t matter if you are a Muslim… Mr Skin? {Applause!}

Well ladies and gentleman, that’s all we have time for today, but please come back tomorrow, where we will play some of more, “Truth or Lie!!”


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