Black History Month

Stone Mountain

So yesterday I was reading about the Apollo 16 moon landing and how NASA had enhanced the video shot on the moon from 12 fps to 60 fps. Fps stands for frames per second. The […]

Black History Month

Harriet Ann Jacobs

Excerts from: “Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl” © 1861 “Another neighbor was a Mrs. Wade. At no hour of the day was there cessation of the lash on her premises. Her labors […]

Interesting Reading

35 Days Of Madness

With all of the stuff that’s happened in 2020 during this President’ administration, lest we not forget that in 2019 they initiated a government shutdown that lasted 35 days. The President wanted funds for his […]


Truth Or Lie: Episode IV

Thank you!! Thank You!! Welcome to another episode of Truth Or Lie!! (Thunderous Applause!!) I am Rill Blak, your host!! (Applause!! Applause!!) Well last week we had a great show as some of you might […]


Truth Or Lie: Episode V

(Guards escort Rill to the front of the stage and take off his shackles and then his blindfold. He reminds him of the rules and opens the curtain.) (Audience applauses!) Thank you!! Thank you!! (Loud […]