Ain’t Racist Enough..

Its summertime and the racist are coming out like Diana Ross. Now before you get to feeling some kinda way, this is a joke. In 1980 Diana had a single hit the top of the charts called ” I’m Coming Out.” So now that that’s out the way, lets get to talking about the July candidate.

There have been a few iterations of racism over the generations. I mean in the early days of racism, they was just plain buck wild with it.

1900’s – Racist: Nigg@r did you just step on my shadow’s shoes? Black man: Naw suh.. Racist: Boy are you calling me a liar? Black man: Naw suh.. Racist: Nig@r get down there and get that dirt off my shadows shoes.. Black man: Yes suh..

1930’s Racist: Scooter, yesterday I was sitting out in front of Bob’s old “genery” store and a couple of coons came by lookin to see if they could get some work. I asked if they lived around huh? Do you know that boy looked me straight in the face!! I could see his eyes!! Other Racist: Gosh darn, holy moly!! Just the other day, Clem said he seen one walk right up to Sarah and say good morning!!!

1950’sRacist: Nigg@r I seen you lookin at that white lady’s breast. Black man: ( Starts running..)

1970’s Racist: You must feel pretty proud boy, working here at Longer Ropes And Trees. I never seen that mailroom so clean. Keep your nose clean and who knows, I might talk to Bill and see about letting you come in the side door. No more back door for you. Black man: yes suh

1990’s Racist: Boy where did you get yo degree, from one of those colored schools? Black man: None of your ##@!! business where I got it from.

2005 – Racist: Leondaye you so cool and you got all the women. Tell this old white boy what’s your secret.. Lol!! Black man: Mine is bigger than yours.

2012 – Racist: Ever since that muslim Osama got into office, those nigg@rs been talking smack.. Telling me they ain’t mad at ya, dropping it like its hot and telling my girl they just came here to chill. Donald something’s got to be done!! Donald : Let’s make America great again.

Present: Racist: Some coon got a website called Hill1news and every month he puts out some propaganda about us god fearing white folks. You know what he put on his list for this month? That site where we can stay with our own. He talking about “Where White People Meet.”

Lol!! True story. Where White People Meet. com is a site for well, white people. It was started by 53 year old Sam Russell in 2015. Now Sam say’s he isn’t racist. He say’s he even dated a black woman and helped her raise her son. He says he doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about. “The last thing in the world I am is racist. I dated a black woman once. I helped raise a young black man … I just believe it’s hypocrisy to say ‘one group can do this, but another can’t.’”

There are a couple things you can count on in life. That’s death, taxes and a racist who has black friends or dated black women. They alwaaaysss pull that card out. I guess all those slavemaster’s that was dating black women and black men weren’t racist either. ” Imma come by the cabin tonight after ya finish ya chores.” What’s racist about that?

According to the WP, “Out sick from work one day last year, he found himself marveling at the number of Black People Meet ads airing on daytime TV. He and his wife, who technically owns the dating site, quickly became convinced both that online dating was a good pre-retirement business endeavor … and that white people faced a dearth of online dating opportunities.”

This is Sam’s billboard in Utah. The site doesn’t allow same sex searches, but does allow for searches of married dating partners. Remember this is Utah, home of polygamy. He says blacks can also join the site. But I am going to tell you right now, the person you might have you eye on joined this site for one reason and that’s because they ain’t black. I was thinking about giving this a Drop Award, but it’s really just stupid and bigoted. Sam is just coming out.


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