The DROP Awards

Hill1News is proud to be the sponsor of the newly created DROP Award. DROP is an acronym for Dumb Racist Or People. The Drop award will be dropped monthly and only one candidate will win. At the end of the year a grand prized will be awarded. The award will be based on a point system. To qualify for this award candidates must meet the following strict criteria.

  1. All candidates must have the “Ewww!! “ factor to be considered.
  2. Anyone considered must use a racial slur at least twice. (Some candidates using one racial slur will be considered if the slur is whispered or yelled.)
  3. Candidates can be of any nationality, race, or religion. (Extra consideration will be given if the candidate is from a BAMN state.)
  4. Candidates can only win one time annually. (Unless they really nasty and DROP more than once in year.)
  5. Appearance and location will be considered.
  6. All candidates must be over 18 years of age. ( Use of the “N” word will suspend this qualification… dirty little @##@!!
  7. At the Editors discretion points can be awarded for “Ewww!!
  8. New: Racist Stupidity: This new category is subjective. a. An example of racist stupidity would be like a Klan member coming down to Anacostia Park on the 4th of July dress in his hood and robes handing out leaflets. Points are awarded at the editor’s discretion. b. Anyone participating in a racist joke.. ie wearing chains around your neck and wrist.. you big dummy. c. participating in a mock slave auction… 100 points if you say the word massa. In addition you will be immediately entered as one of the final contestants!! d. Getting in front of a news cameras talking like you was just transported from the year 1864 off of Tara.

Point System:

  1. Racial Slurs: 3 pts each ( No points for partial racial slur. ie candidate gets smacked in the mouth and only gets out the “n” sound.) Consideration will be given if the candidate is able to get out the partial slur “nig” before being smacked as this could be a violation in some places. Consideration does not mean points.
  2. Appearance: 1 pt
  3. Location: 1 pt (2 pts if it is in a crowded area.)
  4. Using the word “black” in front of any racial slur or cuss word. 5 pts
  5. Violence: 3 pts (Use of a weapon 10 pts)
  6. Spitting: 5 pts
  7. Children in attendance: 4 pts.
  8. Gang racism 8 pts.
  9. Picture 2 pts
  10. Video 5 pts