Memorize This Face

Update January 2020: I am happy to report that the fiend who committed this atrocity has finally succumb to his burn wounds. “I’m sure the doctors and nurses provided him with the latest and best […]


Menace To Society

Let me introduce you to Mark Char, a menace to society. Now this ain’t the first time we seen people in blackface. We seen politicians, college kids, racist and even black men in black face. […]

Black History Month

Bubble Gum

Through the pass 400 years African American’s have contributed much to the story of the American experience. In the last 150 years through unrelenting bias and racism we have pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps […]


This And That

Reprint: Hill1News 2019© As far as new cycles go, this has been a slow period. By now most of of have heard about Lesha Harper and her toddler. They called out half the racist cops […]


Hill1News Top Racist

There were some evil, racist, “vicious hearted” people down through the centuries, responsible for the death of millions of black people. It would take decades to list even half of them. Some of you may […]


The Woman From Banjo

The woman from B.A.N.J.O is at it again. Since she is probably feeling some kind of way about not receiving a stimulus check, she figured she would get her money on by trashing George Floyd. […]