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Update January 2020: I am happy to report that the fiend who committed this atrocity has finally succumb to his burn wounds. “I’m sure the doctors and nurses provided him with the latest and best treatment possible. He was in the hospital for seven months… must have been painful as hell. :>)” Let’s look back at his story.

Originally published May 2019: That’s right, memorize this face. Her name is Zoey Pereira and she was burned alive by her father, Martin Pereira, who strapped her in the back seat of a car and poured gas on her. She was three years old. Now, I’m going to let you know right now there is going to be some strong language in this story. Will it change anything? No it will not, but I’m cussing because I don’t want to cry. Crying will not change anything either so I might as well let the M@#!!%&&&&!!! know how I really feel.

Her father was in a bitter custody battles with her mother, Cherone Coleman. This past weekend she let Zoey stay with her father. Now Cherone, if you in a custody battle with your ex, that’s one thing. If you in a bitter custody battle, than that SOB ain’t coming nowhere near my child. I rather go to jail before I would hand my baby over to a M%$$#@!! I know don’t mean me no good. Hindsight in this case does no one any good. Zoey is dead. Cherone later told authorities through tears and despair, “I always thought he was going to hurt me, I never thought he was going to hurt my daughter.” Hurt your daughter? He killed her by burning her alive!! You thought he was going to hurt you and you let your daughter go with this psychopath? May God have mercy on you.

After fighting Cherone for weeks in court, the sucker called her last Sunday and said, “Do I have your attention now, bitch? I got your attention now, bitch. You’re never going to see your daughter again.” This is not the first time he’s done this type of acting out. What is wrong with you? A few hours later 911 gets a call about a vehicle on fire. Witnesses told police that the man driving the vehicle was driving erratically before stopping the vehicle. This was probably when he was pouring the gas on that baby. Suddenly the car burst into flames and Pereira emerged from the vehicle fully engulfed. The m#@@@!%% meant to kill just the baby, but in his hurry to kill her, he got gas all over himself. Then he was going to leave that baby in the car burning to death. Onlookers yelled for him to jump into a nearby pond to douse the flames as firefighters arrived on the scene. When they found the burning car it was noted that the rear doors were chained shut, but the intensity of the heat melted the door handles and allowed the rescuers to open the car. Inside was the burning body of Zoey. Also discovered in the car were two cans of gasoline and a propane tank in the trunk.

Now the father jumped out and ran even though his clothes were on fire. That’s how the police found him. They followed his burning body as he was trying to get away. He was in his drawers next to the pond the people had told him to jump in to put the fire out. He had second and third degree burns. That tells you right there he did not pour the gas on himself. He just got some on him. Yesterday  he was charged with homicide for the death of his daughter and remains at the hospital in police custody. Can you imagine the pain that baby went through. The malice the m#@$$! had in his heart when he chained the back doors, although a child that young wouldn’t have thought about getting out, just hollering and trying to put out the fire… calling her mother… Mamma, Mamma… finally dying in an agony few of us can even imagine… that poor baby… just three years old…

So yeah, I’m mad and I’m cussing. It happened in Queens New York. They don’t have the death penalty in New York, so the M%$$#@!! will spend the rest of his miserable life in prison. That’s not justice, but that’s what we got. We will be following this story… and hating every minute of it.


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