The Benefits of the White Supremacist Mindset

By: Matthew Fears

How does it feel knowing that the civil rights movement failed, the Black panther movement failed, Martin Luther king Jr, Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey all failed? To some you may feel indifferent; some may feel passionately opposed but they did fail to stop the system of White Supremacy. No one knows this better than a white supremacist, they thrive off that knowledge and their mindset fuels the system to linger year, after year, after year. So my question now is what is it about their mindset that started the system; can the system be stopped?

From the education of life coaching like that given by professionals such as Tony Robbins we can learn that mindset change is birth from desire. Listening to the chants and studying the history of white supremacist we can learn that their biggest desire is to maintain their likeness, which is everything they may hold dear. Well with that perspective it doesn’t sound too different from anyone else or what we may all want. Now thinking of that desire imagine if you built a following, some rules, a defense, a country all based on that desire and it has worked for you for 300 years. That system is now seemingly being stripped away from you by others. This idea is the fear white supremacist hold in their mind to be true that changes their desire to hate. I know what you’re thinking…”how do I benefit from thinking like that?”

When a mindset becomes perverted, destructive and also contagious it must be changed. On a smaller scale to change a mindset one would think of a result, a purpose for the result, and massive action to gain the result. The white supremacist mindset is enormous and has a 300 year history, a system to support it, and a contagion that spreads it to continue its history. How can something on that scale be changed? While that question has been asked so many times many of the efforts have failed. It is my belief that efforts constantly fail because they constantly react to the system of White Supremacy. Our reactions have made changes but many will argue not much has changed as we still see similar instances from day to and year to year. This is where I believe we can benefit from understanding the mindset of white supremacist. Through understanding we see the root of the creation, we release the anger of its destructive energy, and we can focus on creation instead of reaction.

From what we all understand from the history of our nation is its intertwined with white supremacy, so what can be created to truly end the system? I know as that question is raised some may say that many movements created throughout history were creations that made change. That is in some ways true but if we see white supremacy as a corporation it would be as if new products were added and rules were made but the culture and system remains almost untouched. As in Germany the U.S. needs to create a system of education that taps into the mindsets of white supremacist that speaks to their fear and also supports those affected by the supremacist that seek change and a better country. As the supremacist used massive action to create a system that has reigned for years we must now have massive action of creation in various forms to reverse the perverted mindsets that dominate this country. I propose a reinventing of community centers that will help us be a nationwide community to learn from and with each other. The limit to ideas should be limitless but focused in constant creation, the supremacist mindset started in creation and in creation it should end.

Matthew Fears is a writer for MaxLit  Media and News Group and a contributor to Hill1New. For more articles from Matthew, please visit

Article reprinted with permission. All rights are reserved.

Originally published:  March 5, 2018


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