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Betcha Won’t Believe This One

Another Hill1News editors favorite. I really didn’t think this was possible, but it just goes to show ain’t nothing impossible. This happened last year in Guinea, Western Africa. N’na Fanta Camara, a healer from Guinea, […]

Black History Month

That Cotton Picking Gin

No, I’m not talking about Seagrams. Ain’t I a little devil… Anyway, back in the 1700’s the main crop of the slave master was tobacco. It was tobacco that started the rush for cheap labor […]


Back In The Day

When I first started Hill1News, I envisioned a sort of co-op blog if there is such a thing. I had invited readers to submit their articles and if they met our guidelines then I would […]



In recent news we have heard that gentrifiers are using Howard University as a dog park and telling them if they don’t like it, move the University. Most folks don’t know there are two levels […]

Black History Month

The End

On June 7, 1998 in Jasper Texas, James Byrd Jr. was murdered by 3 hardcore fully loaded, white supremacist. The state of Texas has already put one down. Lawrence Russell Brewer had the long silver […]