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Since this administration has been in office they have been getting real with it. These are their stories… the names have not been changed to protect the guilty… – Dragthem

On the corner of “Don’t Do That Again and So Help Me Ave, in Wusrongwitu, Mississippi, you will find “The Last Nerve Store.” I was in there a few days ago to get me another one because someone in Florida playing golf was starting a global nuclear war using an Iphone. I should have gotten a spare because he got on that one and rode that sucker right out the front door, yelling something about stable genius..

Anywho, I have some spares now and it looks like I am going to be using them. Just when you think you got all you little ducky’s in a row, then “Bam!!,” some vulture swoops down and flies off with three of them. In this case the vulture’s name is “Serious Games Interactive,” a Denmark based game developer. Now they really should change their name to “You Can’t Be Serious Games Interactive.” So I want to know how that chicken wing got into the Glogg… Somebody at ths company thought it would be a good idea to develop a game which gives points based on how many slaves you can get into a slave ship cargo hold. Not only that, they market it as educational.

First of all, how many black people have they actually seen in Denmark? Okay that’s a rhetorical question. Believe it or not, those Danes got they slaving on back in the day. Matter of fact, they was one of the first countries to sell other human beings for profit at the beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade back in 1671. That right, there wasn’t a black folk in Africa they wasn’t trying to hunt down and sell for a handful of Krone. Every heard of the Danish West India Company? Well if some of yall wake up in the middle of the night with a strange taste for Glogg, then you can thank this company. Around 120,000 enslaved Africans were transported to the Caribbean and elsewhere in the western hemisphere on Danish slaves ships. So a little while ago I asked how many black people they have actually seen in Denmark? Well demographically, in Denmark you ain’t right if you ain’t white. Eighty nine percent of Danes were born there and another three percent are of Danish descent. That means at least one parent was born there. Believe me they count da eggs in Denmark! The rest are minorities mostly from western european countries. Oh yeah, there are six Ethiopian drug dealers on trial, but we will keep them out the tally. With that being said, it is also true that the Danes were one of the first countries to outlaw slavery in 1803. Now, I’m not going to get into the white women thing or the black women thing, but they sure outlawed that #$$@ in a hurry.. Anywho, I’m veering off the story…

So according to their website..

“Travel back in time and witness the horrors of slave trade firsthand. You will be working as young slave steward on a ship crossing the Atlantic. You are to serve the captain and be his eyes and ears. What do you do, when you realize that your own sister has been captured by the slave traders? Understanding the horrors of the slave trade through a “fun and humoristic” first-person point-and-click adventure where your 8-to-14-year-olds can play as a child slave assisting the captain of a slave ship while attempting to free his sister and himself from bondage?

Now, I want all of you who done went to go get yo business.. to put it down… that’s right.. holster it… we gonna handle this like adults. We gonna invite the heads of the company to come over here to attend our “educational seminar.” Like I read in one article… what could go wrong? “I see you over there… drop it!!”

Trivializing the millions of black people who were enslaved for all of their natural lives, so others could make a buck and then profiting off the way in which they were held in bondage is below contempt. Minimizing the brutality and criminality of that same system by presenting it in a game format to our children and disguising it as a history lesson is the lowest form of obscenity and guile. It’s the same thing you have been doing since 1671… profiting off our misery.

I’m through with it… I’m on my way to Wusrongwitu….

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