Tim Eugene Scott

Last year I wrote a story about a guy named Isaac “MF” Wright. Wright was wrongly incarcerated in prison for a crime he didn’t commit, got out and had the verdict overturned, went to school and became a lawyer, stood in front of the judge who sentenced him to defend another brother, whipped the judges ass and then made him sang “Sweet Home Alabama”, at the Black Bikers Against Racism Chicken and Beer Barbecue… Isaac “MF” Wright!! Okay.. he didn’t do all that… but yeah he had a story to tell.. the links above. This article is about another man name Tim “MF” Scott. Scott is the black junior Republican Senator from South Carolina whose motto is “Ima shoot the first nigra who comes on da massa’s front porch!!

Tim Eugene Scott was born in North Charleston, South Carolina. His parents divorced when he was 7 and his mother had to work 16 hour days to support and feed her three sons. He graduated from Charleston Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree in political science in 1988. He is 56 years old. They say his father left when Scott called the police on him for crossing his legs at the park when he seen Miss Daisy walk by … they gave his old man ten years for disorderly conduct… and gave Scott the prestigious “Atta Boy,” award… He first entered political service in 1995 when he ran for North Charleston County Council. Running as a Republican, he won 80% of the white vote in a district that has voted republican since the early 1900’s and not only that, he was the first black elected to any public office in South Carolina since the Reconstruction. Now that’s saying something when three of the four whites that live in your district vote for you… I’m kidding.. the district he won was a majority white district. One of the other council members was the son of a giant in the segregationist movement. The son Paul Thurmond, was the son of none other than U.S Senator Strom “Any Nigra Caught Without Shoe Polish And A Rag, Is To Be Deported Immediately” Thurmond.

“All the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, into our schools, our churches and our places of recreation and amusement,” -Strom Thurmond. But he don’t mind them in his bed at night it seems… A staunch opponent of Civil Rights legislation in the 1950s and 1960s, Thurmond conducted the longest speaking filibuster ever by a lone senator, at 24 hours and 18 minutes in length, in opposition to the Civil Rights Act of 1957. In the 1960s, he voted against the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. So before Strom died he denied he was a racist and said he was fighting for states rights… I don’t know why anybody would think he was a racist.. I mean look at his record… I know Carrie Butler didn’t think he was a racist… well she was only 16 years old at the time…. oh you don’t know about Carrie Butler? In 2003 after his death.. one Essie Mae Washington-Williams came forward to reveal to the world that there were “chitlins” on the Strom dinner table. Yep.. Super Segregationist and Grand Poobah had a black daughter! Butler who was 16 years old, was working for the family when she became pregnant by Strom with Essie. Washington was unaware of the identity of her biological parents until 1941, when she was 16. She had been living with relatives. Her mother told her the full story then and took her to meet Thurmond in person. Thurmond on seeing her for the first time since birth immediate offered her the “upstairs” maid position… that wiley wascal… okay I’m kidding… In fact it was he who paid for her college tuition at the all-black South Carolina State College (SCSC) in the fall of 1947. I am mentioning 1947 because in 1947 Strom Thurmond was a 100 percent bonafide.. old southern white.. nigg*r I ain’t playing with you.. racist of the first degree… and you bedda know it.. Yep.. anyway, Washington-Williams died February 4, 2013, in Columbia, South Carolina, at age 87. When she announced her family connection, it was acknowledged by the Thurmond family and in 2004 the state legislature approved the addition of her name to the list of Thurmond children on a monument for Senator Thurmond on the South Carolina Statehouse grounds.

I know our article is about Tim “MF” Scott.. but I just love writing about dem old racist… dey was really bold with dey stuff!! Anyway back to our focus…
So yeah Tim was buddies with Paul “They Don’t Fall Far From The Tree,” Thurmond. As I said earlier Scott was elected to the North Charleston County Council in 1995. He served in that body until 2008, becoming chairman in 2007. During his tenure the wascally wabbit ( I’m on a Bugs Bunny kick..) participated in quite a few stunts.. the kind gun toting, bible carrying southern christians like. In 1997, he supported posting the Ten Commandments outside the council chambers, saying it would remind members of the absolute rules they should follow. The county council unanimously approved the display, and Scott nailed a King James version of the Commandments to the wall. The ACLU sued the $##@!! out of him and made him take it down. Of the costs of the suit, Scott said, “Whatever it costs in the pursuit of this goal is worth it.” ACLU: “Yeah whatever.. take that sh*t down!!” In 2001 Tom.. I mean Tim was involved in a more nefarious scheme that was called out by the Justice Department. We have all heard of what they call “at large” candidates. For instance you might have two or three people running for council member for district whatever and two candidates running at large. Well the two candidates who are running at large can be voted for by anybody in any district… whereas the candidates running for district whatever can only be voted in by members of that district. So in 1989 the majority of the voters in North Charleston had approved of electing council members by at-large seats in a popular referendum… all seats were at large! So how does that work against the black vote? It works if the black population is smaller than the white population. Since anybody can vote for an at large candidate, you will never get a minority candidate into office because you will never have enough votes. and indeed that was their complaint. They were unable to elect any “candidates of their choice” for years. The Department of Justice won the case. A new districting plan replaced the at-large method of electing the Charleston City Council. The federal court found that the former method violated the Voting Rights Act. Now I am going to tell you something else.. probably will not come as a surprise to many of you, but voters in black precincts in the county had rejected Scott as a candidate for the council. Scott was a long known Sambo to the black community. Yep.. Ima get off the story for a minute.. Sambo was one of the men who beat Uncle Tom to death on the orders of Simon Legree, for not revealing the whereabouts of Cassy and Emmeline who were escaping to freedom. Quimbo was the other one. If you haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe.. I highly suggest it. Uncle Tom was the hero. Many people say the book was based on the life of Josiah Henson. Henson was from Charles County Md. He died in 1883 in Canada. That’s him and his second wife in the picture above. Anywho.. yeah they didn’t want the sambo either.. Scotts reply to the overturning of the at large referendum? “I don’t like the idea of segregating everyone into smaller districts. Besides, the Justice Department assumes that the only way for African-Americans to have representation is to elect an African-American, and the same for whites. Obviously, my constituents don’t think that’s true.” All I can say is.. atta boy…

In 2008 Scott won a seat in the South Carolina House of Representatives, becoming the first Republican African American State Representative in South Carolina in more than 100 years. You know who was the last one before him? Robert Smalls, the slave who escaped by pretending to be the captain of a Confederate ship.. or something like that. anyway that was in 1862 at Fort Sumter. It was the attack on Sumter in South Carolina by the confederate forces in April of 1861 that begin the Civil War. They paid the price when Sherman burned South Carolina down.. ere bit of it and gave all the nigra’s 40 acres and a mule… of course President Jackson rescinded Sherman’s Special Field Order 15… and well that’s another story for another day… anyway Robert Smalls was the last time an African American was voted into the South Carolina House of Representatives. He died in 1915 and was buried in the family cemetery in Beaufort S.C. In 2010 Scott made it to the big time and became the first African American to be voted into the U.S House Of Representatives from South Carolina in 114 years. He promptly turned down membership in the  Congressional Black Caucus because South Carolina wish a mfer would… While in the House Scott voted against the Affordable Health Care Act, supported Arizona SB 1070, which basically says if you wasn’t here when they freed the rest of them.. you illegal… and introduced a bill that would deny food stamps to families whose incomes were lowered to the point of eligibility because a family member was participating in a labor strike. Boy yo mama must sure be proud of you…. having to work 16 hrs a day for $2.25hr to feed yo nasty ass… anyway, Scott struck paydirt again when in 2013 he made it to the Super Bowl as U.S Senator from South Carolina…Tim Scott.

Say De Word Massa!…

In 2017 racist held the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was one of the greatest clusterfu** in racist history, culminating with people being runned over and Heather Myers dying. Crazed young neo nazi’s with storm trooper crewcuts and $4.29 Tiki Torches from Dollar Tree and Super Walmart off RT. 29 paraded in the dark shouting “They will not replace us,” as a horrified America set glued to their television sets in disbelief as the Alt Right was being broadcast across the entire planet… then President Trump went on TV and said that there had been “good people” on both sides at the rally and that there was “blame on both sides” for the violence that ensued… trying to equate the fight against bigotry and racism as being on the same moral ground as the white is right crew. ” Into the middle of this Tim Scott was thrust.. what say you Tim? Well on the Tuesday after President Trump’s comments, Tim said..“What we want to see from our president is clarity and moral authority. There’s no question about that… I’m not going to defend the indefensible.” Wednesday the President invited Scott to the White House to meet with him on the subject.
President: Did someone tell you that you had a spine boy?
Scott: No massa.. dey twisted my words..
President: Well you better untwist them today.. before I call them good ol boys down there and have them turn your life into a Uncle Ben’s and Aunt Jemima family reunion… now get out of my office and oh yeah.. tap dance on your way out!!
It’s really simple… Trump told him, do as we tell you or we will put you back in the little pond and watch the black sharks eat you alive.. and sure enough that Wednesday Scott said..“Trump “was very receptive to listening. That is a key to understanding”, and he had “obviously reflected on what he’s said, on his intentions and the perceptions of those comments” which were “not exactly what he intended”. But Trump said that he had outlined his original focus on the Antifa counter-demonstrators’ equal or greater responsibility for the conflict, saying, “you have some pretty bad dudes on the other side also, and essentially that’s what I said… because of what’s happened since then with Antifa, when you look at really what’s happened since Charlottesville, a lot of people are saying, and people have actually written, ‘Gee, Trump may have a point’. I said there’s some very bad people on the other side also”.
Nobody does it like Tim..
Now as soon as Scott saw the handwriting on the wall in 2020, he flipped the script. “Da massa leaving soon..” When asked about Trump’s tweet regarding the demonstrators at the George Floyd protest in which the president said” When the looting starts.. the shooting starts..”, he said, “(Respectfully).. “Those are not constructive tweets, without any question. I’m thankful that we can have the conversation. … We talked about the fact that there is a constructive way to have a dialogue with a nation in this similar fashion that we had a conversation after Charlottesville, the President will listen, if you engage him with the facts of the issue”. I threw in the word “respectfully,” because it bedda be…

“America is not a racist country.” Tim Scott, May 4, 2021

Atta boy… This coming from a man who was in office during the Charleston Emmanuel Baptist Church Race Massacre, in which Dylan Roof confessed to killing nine people because of their race.. In office when Walter Scott was shot in the back by North Charleston police officer Michael Slager during a traffic stop.. In office during the unarmed deaths at the hands of the police of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile, Antwon Rose, Botham Jean, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and hundreds of other black and brown people killed because of the color of their skin. As a matter of fact you are helping craft legislation based on racist police and the wholesale killing of unarmed minorities.. tell me… what did they promise you to say that this is not a racist country? Now I want to show you something… Scott has been put in charge of the Senate Republican bill on race and police reform. The legislation called the Justice Act was ridiculed and totally destroyed by critics in the black community. Now on May 4, 2021 during the rebuttal of President Biden’s SOTU address..Tim Scott said ” “America is not a racist country…” However when he was chosen to draft the Republican side of the legislation during the Floyd protests and the black community was like “What!@@@”, Scott said.. “Not surprising the last 24 hours have seen a lot of ‘token’ ‘boy’ or ‘you’re being used’ in my mentions” and “Let me get this straight … you DON’T want the person who has faced racial profiling by police, been pulled over dozens of times, or been speaking out for YEARS drafting this?” If two faced was a senator.. Luckily at a recent hall meeting he said this.. “I plan to run for reelection, but that will be my last one, if I run.” Reports said there were a few gasps from the crowd.. but mostly clapping.. the price was high… wasn’t it brother? And so that’s some of the story of Tim Scott.. Tim “MF” Scott.


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