You Weeve Wite Now..

No.. you weeve wite now… sign say no nikka!! TatSum Fukdup Szhit – April 1, 2020

You know ain’t nothing makes me madder than when my chicken wings have little tiny fingers and you charge me $8.00 for six of them…

Chinese Racist (CR): No you play lite now!! Me: Mr. Lee, my chicken wings have little tiny fingers and you only gave me one pack of hot sauce. CR: You play wite now nikka or me call police and he lock you up with Bell Coswee!!

So I’m not going to condemn a whole ethnic group because some of their members are racist… well a whole lot of them are racist… what the hell…okay most of them are racist in China. So a few weeks ago in Guangzhou, a province of Guangdong, China, at a McDonalds on the intersection of 呵看来不能老地方n;的肌肤内… translated, the street name means… “That’s Fresh, Me Kill Bat Hour Ago Ave” and the intersection of 还让没有 懂可以 搜拍 .. which translates to… “There’s A Fly In My Donkey Lip Gravy Blvd,” some CR put up a sign at a McDonalds that said:

“We have been informed that from now on black people are not allowed to enter the restaurant. For the sake of your health consciously notify the local police for medical isolation, please understand the convenience caused. police Tel:110”

So for those who don’t speak CR, here is the translation:

A nikka slept with my girl and me poison his hamburger… me call doctor before he die… Me don’t care if you tell police, here’s the number…

Okay, so I am mad that the Chinese government would let the CR’s treat other humans in such a fashion. Especially since they have a first hand knowledge of what racism is. During WWII the Japanese considered the people of China as no better than dogs. Their present government literally only began to gain traction after Japan invaded China and began a massive ethnic cleansing campaign. Your land was known as Shina (a slur) and you were Sina! Sina is a Japanese derogatory name for Chinese people. It’s like somebody calling us the “N” word. Don’t go out and say this to a Chinese person unless you are a fifth degree black belt and and they can see “it” in your waistband. If you don’t, you could end up being the next YouTube viral video sensation in China. “No nikka.. get up… “(Chinese man dancing around you like Bruce Lee and brushing under his nose with his hand after he done knock you down with a finger to the forehead…)

So this is not a new thing in China.. remember the remark I made about a ‘nikka slept with my girl and me poison his hamburger…?” Ever heard of the Nanjing Anti-African protests? So before we get to this racist episode, I want to briefly talk about another racist episode that happened in Nanjing during the Sino- Japanese war. It was called the Nanjing Massacre. Over a six week period more than 300,000 Chinese were killed in the city and over twenty thousand Chinese women were rape by the occupying Japanese army. At the International War Tribunal, there was a story about two Japanese officers that held a contest to see who could kill 100 Chinese people the fastest using only a sword. China knows about racism… Anywho, in 1988 there was a riot at Hohai University in Nanjing over two African students bringing two Chinese women to a Christmas Eve party. A security guard who worked at the university told the African students, ” You can’t bring them hoes in here.” Okay, I don’t know what he said.. but history records that the guard accused the women of being prostitutes. So you bring your date to a Christmas Eve party and somebody calls them a hoe.. then you got to knuckle up.. and I mean right away and that’s what happened. They went to throwing hands. Other African and Chinese students joined in the brawl and by the time it was over, thirteen students had been injured.

So growing up in the age Jim Kelly, Bruce Lee and nunchucks ( a weapon made from two pieces of wood joined together by a short chain,) and watching the hundreds of martial arts movies and TV shows at the time, you sort of stayed away from beefing with Asian people. I mean they was dislocating shoulders and breaking legs and arms and sh*t… you didn’t want to be in a position where you might have to drop it like its hot. Anywho, it looks like all that was a bunch of it… most Asians don’t know martial arts. After the brawl, a rumor that a Chinese man had been killed circulated through the campus. Now before we continue, I want to reiterate.. I’m not telling you to go out there and knuckle with no Chinese… I would hate to see a video of a black person’s groin parts being carried around in somebody’s hand above they head and they talking about, “Naw nikka… Naw nikka!!” Anywho, after the fight about 300 Chinese students gathered and went to the dormitories of the African students. Reports at the time said they were shouting slogans.. “Bigger Ain’t Better and Aint No Nikka Gonna Take Them From Us!!” Alright.. the reports don’t mention what slogans they were saying… but you gotta wonder why. They marched to the dormitories and set them on fire with the student locked inside. University authorities called the fire department and soon got the blazes under control.

After the fire was put under control, many of the African students fled the campus to ask for protection from their respective embassies. So many of the embassies were not in Nanjing but in Beijing. The students had to catch a train there. The word “jing” in chinese has a few meanings.. “quiet or peaceful..” the “essence of..” or “capitol city..” just depends on how it is written using chinese characters. Anyway, the student only way to get to their embassies was by train. So after the fight at the school about the women, these other events played out over days. In the ensuing days that these events played out, the students at Hohai University, who I think got they ass handed to them at the Christmas Eve party, had joined up with students from other Nanjing universities. They numbered around 3000 people and they demonstrated to have the African students prosecuted among other things. These 3000 people descended on the railway station. Chinese police managed to move the African students and their supporters from the marchers and into a military guest house in Yizheng outside Nanjing. The protests were declared illegal, and riot police were brought in from surrounding provinces to pacify the demonstrators, which took several more days. They must have taken a page from the white racist handbook… call your woman a hoe, burn down your house… and demand that you be prosecuted.

A couple weeks after the Nanjing protest, three African students were deported for starting the fight. The African students that remained faced more stringent guidelines such as having a night time curfew, having to report to university authorities before leaving the campus, and having no more than one Chinese girlfriend whose visits would be limited to the lounge area… (so we could watch you.) This protest against African students spread to other universities and cities. So one thing I wanted to mention that I didn’t mention before.. not all of the students were just African, some of the students were African American, there was no division. So some thirty years later the ugly spectre of racism raises it head in the land Qin. China in the chinese language means Qin’s Kingdom. So in the land of Gin and no I’m not misspelling anything, cause somebody’s obviously been drinking something over there, they decide to unleash their little racism on the African Diaspora of the earth.. where they make hundreds of billions of dollars a year… where your nasty little virus is set to kill hundreds of thousands of us… well all I got to say is ” Naw “S” word…”


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