State Of The Union?

I have re-posted this article before, but in light of yesterday’s developments when the president called on back up from a paramilitary white supremacist group, I figure we would revisit the black get back states. […]


Face The Negro

Producer: Get out there!! (Producer grabs Daye by the collar and drags him on stage.)Daye: (Daye cautiously looks around the audience to see if he spots any glowing red eyes.) Today is September 19 and […]

Black History Month

Frazier and Julia Baker

Black History Month – February 22, 1898 Edited Reprint: Hill1News © 2019 There were some really foul people in the late 19th century. Those old time racist make today’s racist look like they carrying Walmart […]

Black History Month

The White Citizens Councils

Ten Toes Dangling The White Citizens Council was founded in the small Delta community of Indianola, Mississippi. Their motto: “States Rights – Racial Integrity” also known in the black community as “Don’t Come Near My […]

Black History Month

And Now This..

Reprint: © Hill1News 2019 On this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I would like to invite our readers to join us in singing a verse of that ole and popular American song, “My Country […]