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On this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, I would like to invite our readers to join us in singing a verse of that ole and popular American song, “My Country Tis of Thee.”

My country tis of thee.. Just one big catastrophe, Of thee we weep. Land where my fathers died, Hung by the old road side, They never called it genocide, just history.”

In 1983 US House Representative John Conyers and US Senator Edward Brook proposed legislation to make Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. birthday a national holiday. It took three years for the US Congress to pass the law in 1986 and another fourteen years before it was observed in all fifty States. The last five states to observe King’s holiday are Arizona (1993), New Hampshire (1999), Virginia (2000), Utah (2000) and South Carolina (2000). Although these states should share equally in their shame, two of them needs special recognition.


Now a lot of us might remember what I call the Arizona Rebellion, when “First American Patriot,” Senator John McCain voted against the King holiday. That was the cause of the rebellion. Then Governor Bruce Babbitt issued an executive order mandating it as a paid holiday. The “good ole people” of Arizona was not going for it. In 1990, 76% of Arizona voters rejected the holiday. ” We ain’t gonna have no Negra holiday as long as I’m alive by god!!” During the next Governor’s race, they elected, “Grand Kluxon of the Highest Racist Order,” Evan Mecham. Okay, maybe he wasn’t a Grand Kluxon, but he definitely was a racist. Now that I think about it… he might have been a Grand Kluxon… anywho. The first thing he did was abolish the King holiday. It wasn’t until the racially compromised organization, the NFL, moved their Super Bowl Hot Money Pot from Arizona to the black and brown suburbs of Pasadena California in 1993, that the “good ole people” of Arizona had a change of heart. ” By god, you know that negra Martin Luther Coon, I’m gonna support that boy!” It was estimated that Arizona lost $500 million dollars in tax revenue and sales after the NFL moved the event. Millions of African American sent a one sentenced email to Governor Mecham telling him, ” You gonna learn today.” The lost of so much money and the fact that the “good ole people” of Arizona still had to acknowledge that “negra” birthday was more than they could bear. They also sent Mecham a one sentence email, “Get out!!” Mecham was eventually removed from office following conviction on charges of obstruction of justice and misuse of government funds.


What in the confederate general, cotton picking, slick racist shizz was they thinking. Now what I’m about to tell you, might make you think I’m joking, but I’m as serious as R. Kelly at a teenage beauty pageant. Many southern states have holidays set aside for confederate generals. Virginia is no different. In this age of tearing down Confederate monuments and disavowing racism, they still celebrate holidays for mass murderer’s, Robert (Shoot Em If They Got A Uniform On,) Lee and Stonewall (Hang Em From A Tree If The Wall Ain’t High Enough) Jackson. Now I’m definitely going to get email attesting to the fact that in reality, Virginia actually started celebrating MLK day in January of 1978. But what they won’t write to say is that some of these confederate sympathizers thought it was a good idea to combine the holidays!! Yep folks they was celebrating, “Lee-Jackson-King Day.” Now I know some of you are saying, “Shut Up!!” But I’m not kidding you. I’m more serious than Trump locked in a McDonald’s over the weekend. It wasn’t until 1998 that Virginia separated the holiday’s. In 1978 I hear they was wearing Confederate uniforms with a picture of Dr King “hanging” from there necks” and carrying olive branches and putting them in confederate cemeteries with King’s picture on them. “Can’t we all just get along.” Hell no, we can’t get along. I know what that means and stop calling me Dan.

Re Dan: There is a story currently going around the news circuit concerning a lawsuit against General Motors for allowing racial discrimination at an Toledo Ohio plant. One of the plantiff’s who’s name is Derrick was being addressed as “Dan.” He simply thought they were getting his name wrong and paid no attention to it. Recently he discovered that “Dan was a racist acronym for “Dumb Azz Nig$%.” You can see the interview with some of the plantiff’s here.


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