Trump Tape Played On Mall.

Well it seems like I missed Throwback Thursday… So I’m going to celebrate “That’s Fricked Up Friday!”

The women’s right group UltraViolet set up a large video screen on the National Mall in Washington DC Friday playing the Presidents “Grab em by the pus**y, tape from Access Hollywood, featuring Billy Bush, in what was then described as locker room talk. The tape was on a 12 hr continuous loop and also detailed statistics about sexual assault. News of the recording came out just before the Presidential debate with contender Hillary Clinton. Although the reaction to the tape was one of disgust, many did not give up support for the President. John McCain and a handful of other said they would not support Trumps ticket but later said they were willing to work with him after he won the election. The fall out cost Billy Bush his job on the Today Show. The lewd video can be seen below.




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