KKK In Dayton

The group we all love to hate is making an appearance in Dayton Ohio today. They plan on making a 5 minute speech at Court House Square. That’s a lot of time for the KKK. The last time they were in Washington DC, the authorities said they could not guarantee their safety once they were in front of the White House. Although they did not make a “klanfessional'” appearence, I mean with the white robes, hoods and loud speakers, it was rumored they did not wear the sheets and instead mingled with the crowd in their street clothes just to say they were there. If you had a white tee shirt on, you was in danger that day. Folks in black khakis with black towels wrapped around their faces and carrying sticks was running up and down H street shouting something about you better ask somebody.

Anyway, the permit to have the rally was for 20 Klan. The police said they estimate about a thousand anti-Klan protesters will be there to meet them. Additional officers from other cites have been called in to protect the protesters. At least that’s how I see it. Now if they come down there klanfessional, I mean with the white robes, pointed hoods and a Grand Kluxon in red with a cross around his neck and agitate those folks, they going to need more than Tide to get that $##!@@ out.

It usually goes down something like this. A company of fully loaded, highly trained, black police riot officers surround the three or four hard racist and they march lock step to the rallying place. The mayor always sends black officers to protect the racist, so the racist will not repeatedly use the “N” word. I know the permit was for 20 hard racist, but the others turned around after they saw the cars on fire and the police running towards them. Once they get to the rallying place, the black police officers line up in front of the racist, three to four deep and the racist start talking their @#!!.

” White Power!! White Power!! We are standing up here to demand the rights of the Christian white man be restored!! The mongrel races have come to get our white women. The Jews and the nigg@rs…” This is about the time the police get an emergency call and most of the black police protecting them have to leave. One of the police officers whispers something in the speakers ear. The crowd moves in closer. The speaker continues.. “White Power!! White Power!!” This is our land and aint nobody gonna take it from us!! The soulless heathens want to destroy the god fearing white man and make us speak Spanish. The Jews and the nigg@rs…”

Another emergency call comes in and half of the police officers who were left have to leave. Another police officer whispers something in the speakers ear. The racist gather in the middle of the dais and the seven remaining police officers sound them. They then walk lock step to a bus that has been driven close to the podium. Halfway to the bus, they have to make a break for it. The police try to fend off the hundreds of people trying to get at them. They barely make it. The bus driver is blowing the horn as he slowly backs his way to the street. Someone raises a piece of torn klan robe and the crowd breaks out in cheers.

As the bus makes its way out of the city, they come upon another crowd blocking their way. The police escort is surrounded. The bus has come to a full stop and protesters try to get inside. The white bus driver puts on a dashiki and give the protesters the black power sign, a balled white fist. It back fires and the protesters think he is waving his fist at them. They start throwing rocks and shaking the bus. A chant slowly rises from the crowd, “TURN THIS BI#CH OVER!! TURN THIS BI#CH OVER!!” Suddenly another bus arrives. Two dozen white riot police officers jump off. They immediately start spraying tear gas and using their batons to free the trapped police in the escort cars. A few of them fight their way to the bus. One manages to open the door and get inside. The racist are huddled down in their seats. The officer yells, Where is the bus driver?? The once hard racist are soft now and one of them says in a timid voice, “They dragged him off.”

The officer tells the man to get out from under the seat, “all of you get back into your seats!! The officer jumps into the drivers seat and the bus starts moving again. It took about an hour to get to the Klan staging area. They pull up and there are TV camera’s everywhere. The Grand Kluxon, visibly shaken, walks up to the microphone and says, “We struck a blow for the white man today.” In the distance smoke can be seen rising from the city. The police get another emergency call. There is a mob headed their way being lead by a white man in a dashiki.

Reprint: © HIll1News 2019


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