When Nothing Is Better Than Something

16 inch bat being provided to Millcreek Township teachers in Pennsylvanis.

After the massacre at Parkland in Florida, the nation has been focused on whether we should are our teacher. A Pennsylvania school district has thought up a novel, abet dangerous way to confront school shooters. It has issued its teachers baseball bats… yep bat’s and may I add the bat’s are just 16 inches long. The Millcreek Township School District outside of Erie gained attention last week for handing out the 16-inch bats to about 500 teachers as part of a training that included how to react during a school shooting.  Though the bats are largely symbolic, Superintendent William Hall said, they are there as a last resort. “Unfortunately, we’re in a day and age where one might need to use them to protect ourselves and our kids.” Another school district in Pennsylvania also grabbed headlines last month for saying it would give buckets of river rocks to teachers to potentially ward off school shooters. I’m not making this stuff up, they wanted them to throw rocks while the assailant is firing a machine gun. That’s not going to even work, it’s “worst” than bringing a knife to a gun fight. Pennsylvania law makes it illegal to possess a weapon on school grounds, but legislators are proposing changes that could give school districts the option to decide for themselves about arming staff. Jon Cacchione, the head of the local district teachers union said that he was supportive of the bats as a “tool to have in the event we have nothing else.” The baseball bats reportedly cost the school district $1,800.


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