Where They Do That At?

Myeshia Johnson, wife of the fallen hero, Sgt  La David Johnson said the Facebook post going around under her name is fake.  The post which criticizes Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, who has lambasted President Trump for his insensitivity for the fallen hero in her name is “not true”.   Mrs Johnson has been forced to share the intimate grieving of a heroes widow and family, when it was reported the Commander In Chief conversation with her about her husband, who was killed in the line of duty in Niger, left her crying. The post falsely accuse Congresswoman Wilson of using her husbands death as a stepping stone in congresswoman’s political career. As reported by ABC News, Mrs Johnson did not write those words and confirmed to them in person it was fake. The twitter feed was met with derision as people reacted to the disgusting display. ” I knew it was fake. It sure didn’t stop the idiots from re tweeting that garbage.” Another post called for Facebook to take action “FB must find who did this and the person or people behind it should be named. Absolutely disgusting.” Personally I too am disgusted. Please help in finding the perpetrator by adding your voice at #Find Them Facebook, on Twitter.


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