You Not Fooling Us

Hindsight is the best sight so I have been told. The former President has presided over two government shutdowns. One of them the longest in American history. The second one happened in January of last year. Congress refused to fund his border wall and the President said you better start paying the government employees with their patriotism because you ain’t gonna be paying them with no money… Incidentally this was also the time when the State Of The Union address was supposed to be given. Well it seems that you can’t give a State Of The Union address unless the Speaker Of The House invites you to give it.. Well you can give one, but you can’t give it at the Capital unless Nancy says so. He started to give it in the White House.. but when everybody started saying… ##@@! please… he backed down and Nancy Pelosi let him have it at a joint session of Congress. It was colder inside than it was outside. The President started the dissing when he refused to shake the Speakers hand… At the end of the speech, Pelosi ripped up the copy of the State Of The Union address while the President’s back was turned… He was basking in the spotlight, when Nancy turned it off. The next day the breaking news was not about the speech, but about how cold a #@@! can get… Anyway here is a story I wrote just a few days before. But first let’s look at the what I call “The Deed.”

The President strikes the first blow..

Clapping like when yo mamma knows you can do better but don’t want to hurt your feelings…

The Deed.

Yesterday Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House of Representatives, told the President she did not think it was a good idea for him to give the State of the Union because many of our security personal were on furlough. She also said it would not be a good idea to have an address when the government was shut down. Of course the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security and President Trump’s appointee, Kirstjen Nielsen came to the President’s defense saying, “The Department of Homeland Security and the US Secret Service are fully prepared to support and secure the State of the Union. We thank the Service for their mission focus and dedication and for all they do each day to secure our homeland.” Anybody who thought she was going to say something else has obviously been drinking Pepsi at the Coke Cola factory.

When the President was elected in 2 years ago, the Republican’s controlled the House and the Senate. In those 2 years although immigration control was one of their top priority’s, it took a back seat to tearing down the legacy of our first black President, Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act. They tried everything they could to get rid of that. They even tried to keep it but call it a different name. I say potato, you say potata, I say tomato, you say tomata… anywho.. They did manage to get rid of the mandatory provision and a couple more provisions. They paid the price when in 2016 the lost 40 seats in the House of Representatives. The part of government which is in charge of oversight. They got that azz beat like scrambled eggs and cheese, like when you add chocolate chips to your cookie batter, like when your mamma told you to be in the house when the street lights came on, but you ain’t come back till the next day… and it was only 12:01pm… and you tried to tell her you fell asleep… and she made you go get that big switch off the sticker bush… and you swore to god you never do it again… and your daddy had to come and pull her off of you…

Oh man.. where was I? Oh yes. So after his base start noticing that they were dropping like flies in a Raid warehouse and selling their homes to get a battery for their hearing aids and that the only thing standing between them and a dirt bath was the Affordable Care Act, better known as “Obamacare,” only then did the President and his administration flip the script. The new script, ” The Brown Menace.” Under this administration, the United States Armed Forces were sent down to our southern border to guard against a caravan of migrants some one thousand miles away. It was during one of America’s most cherished holiday’s, Thanksgiving. Now I like to give props where props are due. The President for his part stayed at the White House during Thanksgiving. How could he go down to Florida and dine on succulent breast of turkey, while the troops were eating stank five year old chicken that Purdue donated. Now I’m not saying what the President did or did not eat behind the close doors of the upper chambers. But some of my WV friends said they ” double dog dare em, to let them see him anywhere near any animal that had or has feathers! ” Someone said something about Oscar Myer, but he was quickly lead out the room.

Families and children have been gassed at our southern border. Infants and toddlers have died in the custody of the land of the brave and home of the free. There was an uproar. I haven’t heard anything more about it. Thousands of children were separated from their families. I read a story a few weeks ago about one or two being returned. For over three years the city of Flint, Michigan hasn’t had clean water. Puerto Rico hasn’t had clean water or electricity, and they still finding bodies in the burned out forest of California. Our most vulnerable people will be running out of food soon and our seniors will be sleeping on the sidewalks when HUD runs out of money in February. The stock market saw it greatest loss since the depression in December and its rumored that Ivanka Trump is on the short list to head the World Bank. Turkey can’t wait until the President pulls out of Syria, so they can kill our allies, the ones we armed and stood next to while fighting Isis. The President has told the Speaker of the House to catch Jet Blue to meet with NATO. There have been 62 mass murders under this President’s watch. The only resolutions or legislation we have gotten is thoughts and prayers except the President finally banned bump stocks, but we had to pray for that too. I’m so tired of all this winning.

The President is playing the long game. Either he figures if he can hold onto his base and can get a second term or milk them for everything they got after he gets out. Television shows, political pac’s, speaking engagements and endorsements. Since he has not made a lot of friends here in the States since becoming President, his brand has taken a beating. He knows it and we know it. Folks guess where the new Trump meca is going to be. Russia!! One of the only places on earth, that’s not seen “measurable immigration”. I know how to use code words too. He is fighting immigration all over the world… why, if his motto is America First? Okay, it looks like I’m drifting again, but I thought I would throw that out there.

The President did not win by popular vote. He is an Electoral College President. If his base stays true to him and they stay put where he won at, then we are looking at DT II. If he can go back and say I kept or tried to keep my promises then he has a chance I’m afraid. We all are keeping our fingers crossed and hoping that the Mueller investigation will unveil high crimes and misdemeanors. Sadly we will not be able to see it. The Trump nominated Attorney General seated before Congress, has said he will only show what is legal to show. The AG’s report to the American people is just a report of Mueller’s report. Frankly we deserve to know what’s in that report. We paid for it. Finally, it was reported that President Trump’s nominee for Attorney General was having a Coke… at the Coke factory.

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