Six Months To Go

Ever heard of Crenshanda Williams? Well she got six months to go on her probation. Last year on this date she was sentenced to 10 days in jail and 18 months probation. Here is her story..

A former Houston 911 operator who hung up on thousands of people including calls for help during robberies and homicides will spend 10 days in jail and 18 months on probation. Crenshanda Williams, 44, who no longer works as a Houston 911 operator, has been charged with misdemeanor of interference with an emergency telephone calls. Prosecutors say she worked as a 911 operator for a year and a half, ending in 2016. Records showed that thousands of calls lasting less than 20 seconds were attributed to her hanging up. One caller, Jim Moten had called 911 about a two cars driving recklessly and thought the call had been dropped, later on finding out the operator had hung up on him. Court documents said Williams was the 911 operator that took Moten’s call. The documents said before he could finish explaining she hung up and said, “Ain’t nobody got time for this. For real.” The calls she received ranged from robberies to homicides in addition to speeding cars. Her supervisor has been placed on a year of internal probation. A few years ago in 2015, another 911 operator was caught hanging up on the friend of  Chavez -Silver, a victim that had been shot. According to the transcripts of the call, the dispatcher, identified as Matthew Sanchez, sounds as though he was frustrated with the caller who was trying to save 17-year-old Jaydon Chavez-Silver.

Caller: I’m keeping him alive…

Dispatcher: Is he not breathing?

Caller: Barely. Take one more breath – there you go, Jaydon. … Stay with me, stay with me, ok. Good job, Jaydon.

Dispatcher: Is he breathing?

Caller: He is barely breathing. How may times do I have to f**king tell you?

Dispatcher: Ok, you know what ma’am? You can deal with it yourself. I’m not going to deal with this, ok.

Caller: No! My friend is dying! …

Dispatcher hangs up.

Chavez-Silver died from his injuries. Sanchez submitted his resignation after being removed from the dispatch center. He did not get jail time.


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