Summer Breeze

Welcome to the Hill1News Isley Brothers Summer Breeze Experience.. This article is brought to you by BOP.. the Federal Bureau Of Prisons, because I don’t have the rights to none of this sh*t. In the […]

Black History Month

About Last Week

Pictured Above: Black Men In Georgetown Circa 1918 As you start getting up in age you start getting them old folks aliments. I call it TR. It’s stands for “That’s Right.” Anywho for the past […]

Black History Month

Ten Seconds

Ten seconds is a very, very short time. Ask any child who has been given the ten second ultimatum… Mama: “You got ten seconds to get in here and wash those dishes like I told […]

Black History Month

Me And Porkchop…

The phrase “never again” is almost always associated with the Jewish Holocaust in which over six million ethnic Jews were killed by the Nazi regime. Some Jewish scholars say the phrase originated in a poem […]

From The Editor

A Short Story

In the early 80’s I used to work at the Giant in Chevy Chase, Maryland. It was my first job as an adult. My job was keep the store clean, but if that was done […]